Andalusian groups send health materials to Cuba, condemn US hostility

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Madrid, Nov 6 (Prensa Latina) Cuba solidarity groups in Andalusia sent medical materials to Havana, and condemned the campaign of hostility against the Caribbean island, it was reported on Saturday.

A note sent to Prensa Latina informed that the first part of a donation of medical materials that has already arrived in Cuba was made through Sodepaz Andalucia, Tocororo, and the Andalusian Workers Union (SAT).

On the other hand, the SAT took the opportunity to express all its support for and affection with the comrades of the Cuban Consulate in Barcelona, “in the face of the harassment they are always suffering by the same fascists.”

“The Cuban Revolution gains respect. Nobody surrenders here,” the Andalusian guild stressed.

On the other hand, the State Movement of Solidarity with Cuba (MESC) in Spain deplored the attempts to destabilize the Caribbean island, which it is part of the US intelligence strategy.

In a communique issued on Friday, the MESC, which is composed of 55 organizations throughout Spain, stressed that the United States wants to destabilize Cuba, after having caused a serious situation of shortages and economic hardships in the country by adding 243 sanctions to the economic blockade.


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