‘An impenetrable shield against subversion’

JR-foto-685x342Text of statement published Wednesday (Aug. 6) in the daily Juventud Rebelde by the Communist Youth Union, as translated by Progreso Weekly. The translator’s clarifications are [in brackets].

Recent revelations published in the press detail the subversive actions that the Government of the United States organized and financed as part of its brazen campaign to overthrow the Revolution, which it has been unable to defeat after 56 years of constant aggression and innumerable plans, all of them condemned to failure.

On this occasion, and following its obdurate belief that Cuban youth is not the heir of our feats and will surrender its flags without fighting, [the United States] sent Latin American youths in secret, under the cover of health and civic programs, to provoke political destabilization with funding from the USAID, especially aimed at fomenting youthful activism against the revolutionary process.

How little do they know us! We are a generation that works with intelligence and interprets the reality of the world in which we live, in which, despite shortages and limitations we have grown up sheltered by a State that does everything possible to protect us, educate us and instill in us the noblest ideas and the worthiest values, something that money can never buy.


‘Worse than irresponsible’

Comment of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt., chairman of the Appropriations subcommittee that funds the State Department and U.S. foreign aid programs) on AP report about a USAID program in Cuba.

August 4, 2014

“It is one thing to support nascent Cuban civil society organizations, if USAID’s role is disclosed in advance to participants and beneficiaries. It is quite another to concoct an HIV/AIDS workshop to promote a political agenda. If that is what happened here it is worse than irresponsible. It may have been good business for USAID’s contractor, but it tarnishes USAID’s long track record as a leader in global health.”


We do not blame the recruited youngsters. They are also the victims of a world that the empire turns increasingly unfair and selfish. It’s almost certain that, when walking through our streets and universities, when sensing the collective effort to get ahead and be willing to win, always remaining mutually supportive and cheerful, they understood that they were only mercenaries in a dirty war whose only merit was to fill the pockets of those who enrich themselves by wasting the money that the world’s richest country should invest, so that many on the planet may reach the indices of health and education found on [Cuba,] an island blockaded and forced to endure a tenacious and unequal war.

Cuban youth rejects and condemns these maneuvers and raises, as an impenetrable shield, the firmness of all those who, throughout history, were capable of understanding the need to be consistent, thanks to which we are here today.

They cannot defeat us. We know very well the price of being free and know very well the evil and hatred of our enemies.

On to victory, always.

Union of Communist Youth

By Progreso Weekly, August 6, 2014

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