American musician considers it a privilege to play in Cuba

Havana, Jan 16 (Radio Cadena Agramonte) – “It is a privilege to play in Cuba, where I have a lot of friends, I love the music and the Cuban culture,” expressed here the recognized American instrumentalist Victor Goines.

On a visit to the island to purpose of the 33rd edition of the Jazz Plaza International Festival 2018, the musician will offer two concerts next to the formation of the patio Janio Abreu and air D’Concert, and a master class as part of the colloquium of the appointment.

The first concert will take place today at 7:00 at night, in the National Museum of Fine Arts, while the second is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday in the Covarrubias National Theater, and will share the stage with Ruy López-nussa and the Academy.

According to Goines, although it has many commitments, he decided to participate in the festival at the invitation of Abreu; “it was very important to come to play, I always learn something new,” said the saxophonist and clarinetist.

During the presentations, the artists will interpret a joint program that will include Cuban rhythms such as the Changüí and Pilón.

“I have been followed to Havana after my first visit with the Lincoln Center Orchestra, and thanks to this I have had the opportunity to develop an intense relationship with the students of the School of Music, Amadeo Roldán and the National School of Art,” said the artist in a press conference held in a hotel in the capital.

“I am pleased because it gives me the possibility of seeing students grow as musicians and people,” he added.

Goines hoped that that relationship is maintained through the years, as very important, as it allows you to create friendships and that is the spirit of the music, he said.

The Jazz Plaza shared actions between Havana and Santiago de Cuba for six days, and will have other important exponents of the genre including teachers Chucho Valdés, Bobby Carcassés, the award-winning American singer DeeDeeBridgewater, and his compatriots saxophonists Ted Nash and Joseph Salvatore Lovano. (Text and photo: PL)

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