American Fast Freight discusses transfer of US products with Cuba

American-Fast-Freight-logoAmerican Fast Freight Inc (AFF) announced that Christopher Paule, its executive vice-president and chief financial officer, has visited with US Ambassador Jeffery DeLaurentis and Warnel Lores Mora, counselor of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, in Havana, Cuba. The visit focused on topics including the transfer of goods between the United States and Cuba.

AFF is the first freight forwarder to visit with the US Embassy and the Cuban Foreign Ministry since President Obama’s announcement December 17, 2014. Obama’s announcement clarified that the United States was reopening diplomatic relations with Cuba and would allow a limited supply of US goods to be exported into Cuba.

As a freight forwarder currently servicing Jones Act markets including Puerto Rico and other locations in the Caribbean, AFF considers moving goods into Cuba a logical service point for it to pursue.

AFF recently expanded its presence into the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. Since the acquisition of Caribbean Shipping Services Inc (CSS) in May 2015, the firm has been integrating this leading cold chain provider into its family. CSS is headquartered in Jacksonville FL and has operations in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It specializes in refrigerated and dry goods freight forwarding to any point into Puerto Rico and is expanding capabilities into the Caribbean and other Latin American locations.

AFF is a transportation and logistics company headquartered in Fife WA. With its affiliated companies and divisions, AFF provides a range of ocean freight forwarding, trucking, project logistics, and warehousing/distribution services. The core business is ocean freight consolidating and forwarding. It is an indirect subsidiary of a portfolio company owned by The Jordan Company II LLC and members of AFF management.

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