Advance investments Development Zone Mariel

1422641654red-ferrocarril[1]The second phase investment of Railway of Cuba entered Development Zone, the beginning of the bond capital municipality of Artemisa with Almendares-Puerto Mariel route.

Juan Francisco Morales, Director of the Western Railway Company, said that the new stretch when launched will travel about six Artemisa territories, and save about two hours drive from the provincial capital and the Cuban capital.

Morales said that in Mariel Development Zone; also operate modern passenger and freight stations in the localities Guanajay, Bauta and El Cano, who provide cafeteria and selling newsletters.

Finally, he said the Board of Railways in the West; industry workers celebrate their day this January 29, prompting other important works which revive rail transport in Artemisa.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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