Actress Susan Sarandon urges for the end of US blockade against Cuba

Havana, Feb 7 (Prensa Latina) US actress Susan Sarandon has recently joined the call for the end of Washington’s blockade against Cuba and pointed out Cuba´s potential in producing anti-Covid-19 vaccines, local media reported Monday.

Separate Cuban press media echoed a recent tweet posted by the American actress, on which she stated the time has come to lift the blockade and let Cuba breathe.

Cuba announced that it could produce tens of millions of home-grown vaccine doses to fight Covid-19 and send them to nations in need, Ms. Sarandon tweeted.

US blockade is the only thing that stands in that way, said Ms. Sarandon who is known for her social and political activism as well as for her commitment to international bodies such as the UN Children’s Fund.

The Oscar Winner, and also nominated on four other times, visited Cuba on several times. The most recent visit was in March 2019 alongside US actor Owen Wilson.

Despite travel restrictions and smear campaigns promoted by Washington, many artists from the United States and Cuba urge for the cultural exchange and ties between both peoples.


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