Acosta Danza Company to present “Eclectic Cuban” in Germany

Berlin, Feb 16 (Prensa Latina) Acosta Danza, under the general direction of first dancer Carlos Acosta, will present the show “Eclectic Cuban” on February 17 and 18 at the Bonn Theater in Germany, the company announced today.

The program comprises well-known works of its collection such as “Satori”, by Raúl Reinoso, a piece that takes as a starting point the precepts of Zen Buddhism; and “Paysage, soudain, la nuit”, by the Swedish Pontus Lidberg, inspired on a musical piece by Cuban master Leo Brouwer.

Photo: Yuris Nórido

He will also present “Impronta”, a solo created by the Spanish María Rovira in which contemporary dance and Afro-Cuban dances are combined; as well as “Fauno”, a duet by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui inspired by a mythical piece in the history of ballet.

To close the evening, the German public will be able to see “De punta a cabo”, a choreographic version of the original by Alexis Fernández (Maca).

Photo: Enrique Smith Soto

Since its stage debut, Acosta Danza aims to perform dance shows in full accordance with the most current notions being developed in the world, not only in terms of the movement of the bodies, but also in everything related to the scene.


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