A new relation ‘based on mutual respect’

During today’s historic meeting between President Raúl Castro and President Barack Obama, Castro emphasized that the island nation’s government is willing to dialogue with the U.S. very patiently: “In some things we will agree and with others we will not.”

President Castro stressed that there may be issues that the countries may not agree on presently, but that may be resolved in the long term. “It’s been a complicated history,” said Castro, “but we are willing to move forward and enter into a friendship between our peoples.” This should occur simultaneously between the meeting that are “taking place to restore our [diplomatic] relations,” he added.

For his part, President Obama thanked the Cuban president for his “openness” and said he hoped to “move forward transforming our relation to one based on mutual respect.” He added that “my policy will be to make sure that the Cuban people thrive and can initiate a connection to the rest of the world.”

“As more commercial exchanges occur, there will be more direct contact, a better connection between our peoples, that will positively reflect the changes,” said President Obama. “There will continue to be profound differences,” continued Obama, “and significant differences between our governments, but over time we can turn the page by establishing a good relationship between our two countries,” he said.

See video: http://youtu.be/NYkcQ-AVL4M


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