A farewell to impunity

A farewell to impunity

By Progreso Weekly • Published on March 5, 2014

That is how the radio program “Yesterday in Miami,” founded and led by Francisco Aruca, identified itself in 1991 in the city of Miami, where the plurality of views, demanded from other countries, was not practiced. By then the local media was already part of what Aruca called the “the industry for evil.”

It was a challenge to the sovereignty of Cuba in the Koblenz of our recent history. In Miami in those days, their pretense was supposedly free and independent, but operating under the wings of another country and government. “Motherland assimilated, a colony for sure,” Aruca once remarked to a journalist friend.

His program and person were harshly attacked for simply attempting to shorten distances that enabled families to embrace; healing and emphasizing what unites rather than divides; and dialoguing with the island. But these goals were labeled as treason by radio warlords of that media world. THESE were the objectives of this honorable Cuban man who died exactly one year ago today, March 6.

Nowadays serious polls demonstrate that 65% of Cubans are in favor of walking down the road of conciliation and relationships. Curious what time has wrought: the majority, regardless of nuances and intentions, now agree with the efforts to which this visionary who founded Radio Progreso and then Progreso Semanal / Weekly devoted his life.

Late last year a number of friends came together to remember Aruca by telling stories and brief vignettes of experiences shared with him. What follows is a brief video of the event, which we present publicly for the first time. It is in Spanish.

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