6th International Rumba Event to be Hosted by Cuba

Havana, Aug 6.- Artists, dancers and researchers of Mexico, Italy and Cuba will attend the 6th International Rumba Event Timbalaye, from August 17 to 24th in four Cuban provinces, informed today the organizers. This year we were not prepared to have greater foreign participation because we had the third edition of the International Rumba Forum in Rome, from May 8 to 11 said the president of Timbalaye, Ulises Mora, in a press conference.

However, he added, thanks to the proposal made by Havana, Matanzas, Pinar del Rio and Cienfuegos provinces, we will celebrate this month our next event, dedicated to Benny More, on his 95th birthday.

‘Cuba is a country of dance, where all the children are born with dances, so this genre is part of their culture, the sould of Cubans, that is why we have to defend it, together with orality, said the also member of honor of the Hermanos Saiz Association..

According to UNEAC Vicepresident Pedro de la Hoz, the rumba is connection to memory, tradition and also integration to audiovisual media, fine arts and research.

Referring to the program, artistic director of Timbalaye, Irma Castillo, announced that among the groups to take part in the event, Afrocuba from Matanzas, the Kings of Drums, Columbia del Puerto and Yoruba Andabo.

Timbalaye 2014 is organized by the Uneac, the Hermanos Saiz Association, tbe National Heritage Council , the House of Africa and the Cultural Tourism Agency Paradiso. (Prensa Latina).

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