5 Reasons to Travel to Cuba with Children

Shortly before I became pregnant with Freddie 7 years ago, Adam and I went on what is still probably one of our favourite holidays to date- 10 days in Cuba, a place I had always wanted to visit. It’s always been such a unique and unusual country in terms of the communist way of life and the Cuban culture, and I was desperate to visit whilst Castro was still in power. I knew that once he passed away, things might well change in terms of the ‘feel’ of the place, but thankfully this doesn’t seem to have been too much of an issue. We were based in Varadero, as it was the cheapest way of getting us to Cuba as part of a package, but we made sure we booked a few days in Havana too (you can’t go to Cuba without visiting the capital, it simply HAS to be done in order to get a feel for the ‘real’ Cuba!). If you’re interested in travelling to Cuba as a family, Cuba Holidays can help you plan your dream trip.

Cuba is somewhere we’d really love to visit with the children one day, and whilst it may not seem the obvious choice of a holiday with young kids (I suspect many parents would look at other Carabean islands first), there are SO many reasons as to why the country is the perfect choice for young families…

It feels safe

Even whilst walking around around Havana at night, we felt so safe, and the Cubans are so friendly. As part of our tour group in Havana there were several children, and the Cubans made such a fuss of them wherever we went and clearly adore children, it was lovely to see. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring the kids there on that basis alone!

Child-friendly food

Okay, let’s face it- Cuba is not renowned for it’s grub. As a family we generally eat anything, and our children aren’t particularly fussy, but Cuba is perfect for more regular ‘children’s food’ (think pizza, chips, burgers… okay, this may not be for everyone!), so you are unlikely to go anywhere in Cuba where there isn’t at least something familiar on the menu, and no weird culinary surprises.

Stunning Beaches

If you do decide to stay in one of the holiday resorts like Varadero, you will experience some truly stunning beaches, perfect for little ones to do a bit of digging, or play in the shallows of the warm sea. We frequently walked for what seemed like miles along the beach in the mornings whilst it was still cool- a great time of day to bring the children for a paddle!

Great things to do for older children

For children who are perhaps a little older, somewhere they might find interesting is the museum at the Bay of Pigs, which gives the history of the attempted US backed invasion in great detail, views from the Marti Tower, a trip in a heritage car in Havana, or the caves in Vinales. We also swam with semi-wild dolphins and drove speedboats in the Mangroves near Varadero. So much choice!

The culture is so family friendly

One of the joys of Cuba is the fact it’s so family friendly, and is a country whereby you and your children can really get immersed in Cuban culture very easily. The usual kids clubs might be more lacking than a week in Spain, but your children can join dance classes, play with local kids in the street, ride cocotaxis, enjoy the Cuban vibe at nighttime in the plazas, and discover Cuban life for themselves.

It’s the perfect country to get away from it all, and give your family a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Have you been to Cuba? Would you consider going with children? I’d love to know!

Becky, Spirited Puddle Jumper

July 20, 2017

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