5 Days for the Cuban 5 – June 4-11, 2014

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They will return

The National Network on Cuba has participated in and supported all activities: local, national, and international, directed at freeing the Cuban 5 and increasing awareness of their case. We have followed this case from the earliest days and continue to both condemn the injustice and to work to gain the freedom for all 5 brothers. As discussed and agreed upon at the December national meeting of the NNOC, we will focus this year’s work on two important areas: Freedom for the 5 and the October, 2014 solidarity conference in Cuba. The website for the conference is: http://www.icap.cu/ . Both activities have been unanimously endorsed by the NNOC member groups.

The Third “5 days for the Cuban 5” will take place in Washington D.C., from June 4 – 11, 2014. Please see website for more information: http://5daysforthecuban5.com/ . We, the NNOC co-chairs, urge all members of the National Network on Cuba and all of these in solidarity with Cuban and the Cuban 5 to help with these events. Encourage people in the solidarity and peace and justice movements to attend, send an endorsement from your group or an individual endorsement, help organize and finance participation.

The co-chairs of the NNOC in addition to endorsing the “5 days for the Cuban 5” all plan to travel to Washington, DC in June, 2014 to demand that the United States government unconditionally free the brothers and allow them to return home. This gesture would not only be the right thing to do, it would open other doors to addressing relations between both countries in a mutually respectful and diplomatic manner.

In Solidarity,

NNOC co-chairs
Cheryl LaBash, Franklin Curbelo, Banbose Shango, Alicia Jrapko, Nalda Vigezzi

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