2019 International Law Congress continues in Cuba

Havana, Nov 21 (Prensa Latina) The penitentiary system, judicial protection and adoption of minors in Cuba will be leading issues to be discussed this Thursday in this capital on the second day of the 8th edition of the International Law Congress.

Other noteworthy issues to be addressed by delegates at Havana’s International Conference Center will be parental rights, contractual dilemmas derived from the economic regime of marriage, family law, justiciability and responsibility, among others.

On the opening day, lawyer Rodolfo Dávalos affirmed that the activation of Title III of the US Helms-Burton Act is part of a legal war that reinforces the blockade against Cuba.

The US economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba almost six decades ago ‘is also a war, in legal clothing,’ noted Dávalos.

This attack against Cuba is made through economic coercion, but at the same time ‘it is a legal war,’ the scholar insisted in the event that ends tomorrow.

The United States is not concerned with justice as a goal, but to cause damage to those they consider their enemies, they use mass media to manipulate public opinion, Dávalos added.

Title III of the Helms-Burton Act is designed to unleash a malicious, legal war at the right moment, the scholar said.

The Act impacts the Cuban economy as it creates concern and uncertainty among foreign investors, and seeks to make them leave Cuba, he pointed out.

It has a political objective, there are vulture funds taking advantage of all this, Dávalos warned, and commented that it is very rare that claims filed against nationalized properties in Cuba come from a single, small law firm.

‘The current US administration is at war with us, and in war we fight, and in the legal war will carry the same weapons: Law, with the only difference that real law assists us, that is, international law,’ the lawyer concluded.


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