127 Anniversary of Cuba’s Main Resort

cuba-varadero[1]Varadero, December 5 (Prensa Latina) Authorities and figures holding the title of Illustrious Sons, along with local residents, celebrated today with a ceremony 127 years since the founding of the resort town, Cuba’s main sun and beach polo.

The program of the celebration for the anniversary began on December 1, included a Folk Art Fair, culinary art demonstrations, a ceramics exhibition, and musical and dance spectacles.

Officially founded on December 5, 1887, the first news of vacationers in the area date back to the 1840s, attracted by the natural beauty and sports competitions, fishing and theater plays.

Varadero is located in the Hicacos Peninsula on the northern coast of Matanzas province and about 140 kilometers east of Havana, has 754 thousand hectares and 20 kilometers of beach, with an average width of 22 meters. It began developing rapidly in the touristic industry in 1990, and currently has 51 hotels.

About 70 percent of these facilities has the category of four and five stars, and receive the third of the tourists that visit Cuba. Also named “Playa Azul” (“Blue Beach”), it received last November 8, for the seventh consecutive year, more than one million tourists from abroad.

Ever since Varadero took off, it has been subject of careful study by national and local experts to preserve its main natural charm, the beach. Dumping sand, demolishing buildings and planting, are some of the actions bing taken to safeguard its most important resource.

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