¨La luz en lo ocuro¨ with the Five in Radio Rebelde

1419247043-invitados-a-la-luz-an-lo-oscuro-foto-abel-rojas-barallobre_thumb[1]Anecdotes, acknowledgments, poems, songs and much happiness raised the issue on Sunday at the program of Radio Rebelde, ¨La luz en lo oscuro¨ which for more than 12 years was a a bridge of communication and awakened consciences in the world to join the fight for justice and the release of The Five.

This was a very special program, the five heroes, full of nobility, simplicity and humanism together and free in the country, were present with their families and not from a distance.

The Five described the moment as a dream come true, he always heard the radial space that carried the light in the dark with the desire to be together someday in that cabin Radio Rebelde in Cuba with his people.

Gerardo, who could not hear, welcomed last night by telephone to Maria Orquidea Artiles, a Cinfuegos resident, who sent him the transcripts of what happened in each program.

In the program the FIVE narrated about the difficult years of confinement with family, its strong links to the songs of Silvio, how were born the first poems and found the country after years of absence.

Tony said he found the same Cuba he carried in his heart; René said that a victorious Island; Ramón a beautiful place with special people; Fernando said that a country struggling for a prosperous and sustainable socialism; and Gerardo found a nation working to move forward.

The FIVE were happy and thanked the program Radio Rebelde, which led to much light to the dark.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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