XI Quito Book Fair Opens with Cuba as Honor Guest

Quito, The IX International Quito Book Fair was officially inaugurated with Cuba as a guest country of honor.

The opening ceremony of the festival of literature was chaired by the Ecuadorian Minister of Culture and Heritage, Raúl Vallejo, and the first deputy minister of Culture of Cuba, María Elena Salgado.

The event, developed in spaces of the National Museum of the Ecuadorian House of Culture, Benjamin Carrion was attended by other authorities such as the president of the National Assembly, Gabriela Rivadeneira, the headquarters president of the headquarters, Raúl Pérez and the Cuban ambassador in Ecuador, Rafael Dausa, among others.

Vallejo also highlighted the presence of at least 33 Cuban writers, academicians, poets and Cuban artists at the fair, which will remain open until November 20, which expected the visit of about 100,000 people.

Also noted was the presence of the renowned documentary Roberto Roberto, whose exhibition Fidel is Fidel, was open to the public after the official declaration of the inauguration of the Fair.

The cutting of the tape, by the President of the National Assembly and the Cuban vice-president of Culture, gave way to the tour of experts and curious by the different tables full of books and records that offer a sample of the artistic and literary work of the Greater Antilles.

As a guest of honor, the delegation of the Caribbean archipelago brings a suggestive proposal, a collection of written works and audiovisual material prepared in honor of Fidel Castro’s 90th birthday, celebrated on August 13.

The journalist, poet, critic and narrator Marilyn Bobes, writer and researcher Edel Morales and the president of the Cuban Book Institute, Juan Rodríguez, are some of the members of the Caribbean delegation.

PL, Periodico26.cu

November 12, 2016

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