Workers in Nicaragua Condemn U.S. Blockade on Cuba

Managua, Oct 30 (Prensa Latina) The Trade Union Confederation Jose Benito Escobar from Nicaragua condemned on Tuesday the economic, commercial and financial blockade that the United States has maintained against the Cuban for more than half a century.

Meeting at the union headquarters, the workers issued a declaration of support for the people and government of the island against this hostile policy, which is rejected every year by an overwhelming majority of UN member states.

It is not possible that in the 21st century the genocidal blockade on the Cuban people, which is extraterritorial and violates human rights, will continue, the members of the Confederation said.

Likewise, it considered to be impossible to advance towards the normalization of bilateral relations between Cuba and the United States as long as this aggressive and imperialist policy is still in force.

On the other hand, the union, as part of the Solidarity Committees of Nicaragua and the region with Cuba, also reaffirmed its total and complete solidarity with the Caribbean nation, its Revolution and the inalienable right of the Cuban people to decide their future.

In this way, in the statement, the workers call on the United Nations Assembly to vote massively for the lifting of the blockade and to provide the means for that decision to be respected.

During the emotional meeting for solidarity and support for Cuba, officials from the embassy of Havana in Managua offered those attending an overview of the island’s reality and the damage caused to the people as a result of the U.S. blockade.

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