Women’s Rights in Cuba are Highly Protected

By Deisy Francis Mexidor, Havana, Aug 17 (Prensa Latina) The feminine sector is one of the most benefited by the Revolution and the rights conquered until today are protected in our Constitution, affirmed the general secretary of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), Teresa Amarelle.

‘We should never forget that on January 1, 1959, when Commander in Chief Fidel Castro addressed the people of Cuba, he said that one of the tasks to deal with and perhaps would be one of the most difficult was the emancipation of women,’ Amarelle recalled in an interview with Prensa Latina in this capital.

That is why, she stressed, all those rights for which we fight and conquer over these years, appear within the framework of our constitutional reform.

She pointed out that, therefore, for women ‘it is a commitment, it is a duty, it is a debt to our own legacy to reaffirm that Constitution of the Republic.’

But in particular, ‘to contribute with our modest opinions, with our points of view to a project that is very much in tune with the reality of the people of Cuba and that reflects that trajectory in the participation of our women in the revolutionary process,’ highlighted the female leader.

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