Why do we march? #ForCuba

Photo: Cubadebate

April 26 (Granma) This May Day the Cuban people will lead a massive, vibrant, joyful, and conscious march reaffirming to the world the commitment of the island’s workers to the new government, Raúl, and the Party.

This, according to Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, a member of the Party Political Bureau and secretary general of the Cuban Workers’ Federation (CTC), who added that “In order to talk about the impact of the Cuban Revolution, we must, of course, talk about its workers movement.”

Speaking during a press conference held Monday, April 23, Guilarte de Nacimiento noted that the traditional march will be an opportunity to honor Fidel, express support for the updating of the country’s socio-economic model of socialist development, and send a message of solidarity to trade union friends worldwide.

According to the Cuban official, “Unity, Commitment, and Victory,” will be the main slogan of the event set to be led by the Education, Science, and Sport Trade Union, with phrases such as “May Day: commitment to the Homeland,” “In Cuba, a single Revolution,” and “80 years of principles,” also featuring on banners.

Guilarte de Nacimiento added that this year workers are being called upon to “Exploit productive reserves; reaffirm our responsibility to the working class by generating the wealth needed by our people; substitute imports and consolidate exports, in order to turn the complex economic situation currently facing the country, into productive victories.”

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