What Rosa María Paya just discovered

by Arthur González

The hirelings of Washington, those who receive instructions that compel them to recite written scripts to distort the Cuban reality, come to believe the same lies that they spread against the Revolution.

One of those is Rosa María Paya Acevedo, “political refugee” and resident in Miami, turned into vedette overnight by the work and grace of those who design the campaigns to defame Cuba.

So many have been her lies that she did not know that the economic war against Cuba imposed by the White House in 1962, affected the Cuban people, because the librettos that she must learn ensure her that the poverty suffered by the Cubans is caused by the socialist system “that is a failure. ”

Those who believe it are ignorant, because by simply reading one of the documents declassified and published by the CIA will verify the opposite.

The intelligence agency says the following on that particular:
“[…] The main objective of the undercover programs of the United States against Cuba, is to complete the economic, political and psychological isolation of Cuba with respect to Latin America and the free world … These measures have been largely responsible for Castro’s current economic hardships, but new and effective economic-war measures could be adopted.”

At the end of last July, Rosa Maria, the new “star” manufactured by the Yankee ideologue specialists in subversion, discovered that the site Cuba Decide, created to copy the failed Varela Project, could not be visited on the Internet from Cuba, because It is simply blocked, and not by the communist government, but by the United States, as its platform employs Project Shield.

That is when some ardent followers of the U.S. media came to her defense to pressure the United States government because they did not know the many limitations the Cubans suffer due to this economic war, from medicines, life saving medical equipment, to raw materials to produce articles for the benefit of 11 million people, not those governing.

Among those who went on the crusade in favor of Payá, was one of the columnists of the Wall Street Journal, who accused Google of “collaborating with the Cuban Government and being totally disinterested in the Cuban struggle for freedom of expression.”
The answer was quick and Google responded through a message transmitted to Miami’s libel, the New Herald, informing them of who is truly responsible for blocking the Cuban’s Internet, stating:
“… in accordance with the law of the United States, some services are not available in certain countries, including Cuba.”

On that particular note and for the world to know the truth of the Blockade, Andrea Faville, spokeswoman for Google, explained that Project Shield uses the technology of APP Engine and that is one of the platforms that are not open to the Cubans of the island.

However last 2016, the very Yankee Emporium of Cybernetics signed an agreement with the Cuban company of telecommunications ETECSA, where it imposed a clause on freedom of information, in which it obliges Cuba to “not censure its servers in Cuba,” while Google does, that is: do what I say, not what I do.

Now Rosa María and the rest of the hirelings who demand so much freedom of the Cuban government, know that where freedom is slashed is in the United States, where Cuba’s development is impeded at all costs and price.

Of this they have not made a media campaign, to fight for the elimination of the Blockade, or will they continue to ask President Donald Trump to maintain it?

If that is how they want the Cuban people to elect their candidates in the upcoming Cuban elections, they will not succeed, because in Cuba everyone knows how to read and write; therefore, their fraud will not work, and as José Martí said:

“The real truths are the facts”

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