Washington Maintains Obstacles to Cubans’ Travels to US

Havana, Aug 24 (Prensa Latina) The United States maintains the implementation of the measure that forces Cubans to make visa procedures in a third country, after announcing the resumption of consular services at its embassy in this capital.

According to the notice from the US Embassy in Havana, Washington resumed its services to renew passports, submit the first request for a passport, notarial and authentication services, birth certificates abroad and emergency assistance to US citizens in Cuba.

In September 2017, the United States pulled out most of its staff in its embassy in Cuba and later expelled Cuban diplomats from Washington, DC, claiming alleged sonic attacks on its diplomats in Havana.

Cuba has described the White House’s maneuvers as political manipulation, due to the lack of scientific evidence to justify the thesis of the attacks on US diplomats in Cuba, who, according to Washington, suffered from health problems, including brain damage.

Cuban authorities have denounced the impact of the interruption of consular services for Cubans at the US Embassy in Havana, a measure that affects hundreds of thousands of people on both sides of the Straits of Florida, as Cubans have to make extra expenditures to travel to a third country to get a visa and their family ties are affected.

It also affects migration between the two countries, particularly the US commitment to grant visas, as agreed upon in bilateral migration agreements.

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