Vietnam donates rice to Cuban doctors dealing with Covid-19

 Vietnam donates rice to Cuban doctors dealing with Covid-19

Hanoi, May 13 (Prensa Latina) Through its Cuban subsidiary ViMariel S.A., the Vietnamese corporation Viglacera has reportedly donated 100 tons of rice to the doctors and health personnel of the island devoted to fighting the Covid-19 epidemic.

The donation was symbolically delivered by Viglacera’s deputy director general, Tran Ngoc Anh, to the Caribbean nation’s ambassador here, Lianys Torres, who agreed that the gesture reaffirms the brotherly relations between the two countries and peoples.

In the midst of increasing U.S. sanctions and pressure, Cuban doctors and health workers are helping other countries to face the epidemic and we deeply appreciate that spirit and example, said the also president of the ViMariel Board of Directors.

We are confident that under the wise leadership of your government, the Cuban people will overcome the hardships and also defeat Covid-19, he said.

While appreciating the gesture, Torres pointed out that the doctors, nurses, technicians and all the health personnel in Cuba are the heroes of these days ‘and that is why it is so significant that you send a donation to our health system.

The pandemic has shown that solidarity is the formula for solving humanity’s most pressing problems, and Vietnam, in particular, is once again extending its fraternal hand to Cuba in the most complex hours, the ambassador said.

She recalled that a few days ago the Communist Party, the State and the people of Vietnam donated 5,000 tons of rice to the island, and that through the Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Association, hundreds of Vietnamese graduates from Cuban universities collected more than 66,000 dollars for the same purpose. Vietnam and Cuba, he stressed, show a commendable international solidarity approach with other countries facing difficulties in confronting the Covid-19.

Our countries, she stressed, have proven what can be achieved when authorities and institutions focus on protecting the people above all.


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