Video: Diving Gardens of the Queen in Cuba

Gardens of the Queen in Cuba is quickly becoming one of the hottest new dive locations in the Caribbean – and for good reason.  This protected area offers a great chance to see an amazing diversity of underwater wildlife, including Caribbean Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Groupers, saltwater Crocodiles and much more. Recent diplomatic and economic changes by President Obama have also made travel easier for U.S. citizens, which should be great news for anyone wanted to experience this unspoiled paradise.

Check out this great video by Mathieu Foulquié showing off some the attractions in Cuba’s “Jardines de la Reina“, and view more of his photography work on his 500px page.

Interested in diving the Gardens of the Queen?  Scuba Diving Magazine’s deputy editor Mary Frances Emmons made the trip in June 2014. Read all about how she did it and how you can too: Shark Diving in Cuba’s Gardens of the Queen

By Scuba Diving Editors, Scuba Diving

March 15, 2015


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