VIDEO: Collaboration with Cuba to bring anti-EGF lung cancer vaccine to US

CHICAGO — Candace Johnson, PhD, president and CEO of Roswell Park, offers background on the potential use of CimaVax, a vaccine developed in Cuba that immunizes against epidermal growth factor, at the ASCO Annual Meeting.

“This is an innovative way to immunize a vaccine approach that is not really seen anywhere else in the United States,” Johnson said.

An investigational new drug application is currently being submitted for CimaVax — which is already in use in Cuba and South America —to evaluate its use in patients with lung cancer in the United States.

“It holds promise, not only in lung cancer, where these lung tumors are really addicted to EGF,” Johnson said. “Many other epithelial tumor types produce this growth factor, and so we’re excited at the promise that this vaccine may have across a number of tumor types.”

See video here.

Healio, June 14, 2016

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