Vice-President: Venezuelan Opposition without Political Future

Caracas, Jan 20 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez assured on Sunday that the national right remains without a political future despite its persistence in ignoring Nicolas Maduro new term in office.

‘The only thing that encourages them to even talk to each other is the hatred they have for the Bolivarian project of our Liberator Simon Bolivar and Commander Hugo Chavez,’ she stressed in a television interview.

During the broadcast of the ‘Jose Vicente Hoy’ program, Rodriguez recognized that the extreme right limits its political participation with a lack of proposals and projects.

‘The class hatred they have for President Nicolas Maduro is the only thing that encourages them to talk, because it doesn’t even unite them.

The Vice President recalled while talking to analyst and politician Jose Vicente Rangel that politics seeks a possibility of dialogue, negotiation and exchange, but questioned the attitude of opposition leaders in this regard.

‘How do you reach an agreement if you build a wall around yourself? They have no choice but to crash into that wall every day,’ she emphasized.

Historically, the right-wing project has been anti-national, she assured, and now they have unmasked themselves in their alliance with the Lima Group against Venezuela’s interests.

This is repeated as one of the great failures of the opposition, she said, which is why they need foreign interfering cooperation, in what she described as ‘a profound ignorance that encouraged the indestructible, invincible spirit the people have.

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