Venezuela’s Voting Machines Audited Ahead of Parliamentary Elections

state of the are voting machines venezuela parliamentary elections

Published 29 November

Political organizations, expert technicians and other observers conducted audits on machines which will be used on December 6.

This Sunday, the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela carried out the pre-dispatch audit of voting machines, to validate and replicate all stages of the electoral process, sampling 0.5% of voting tables.

The purpose of the voting machines pre-dispatch audit is to replicate and validate all the stages of the electoral process, verifying that both the software and data, as well as the operation of the hardware, correspond to what was audited in previous phases.

Next Sunday, Venezuelans will go to the polls to elect lawmakers to the National Assembly for the 2021-2026 period.

From the CNE Warehouses, located in Mariche, Miranda state, Alfonzo explained that the within the spaces was a technological deployment with professors from universities who are experts in auditing. There were also representatives appointed by the 107 participating political organizations with their technicians, who evaluated the installation, the start-up of the machine, the operation of the automated identification, scrutiny, summation and transmission system.

“All is ready, the only thing missing is your vote, with your choice, so that on December 6 you can elect the parliamentarians of the National Assembly, we have done the work entrusted, we have done so with discipline, with responsibility, based on experience,” said Alfonzo.

More than 30,000 voting tables have been arranged in the country, in the 87 constituencies and in more than 14,200 voting centers.

The head of the CNE thanked and recognized the public and private media for having been present in accompanying the electoral process up until this stage.

“Each electoral exercise is an exercise of peace, we are demonstrating it and we will demonstrate it with your vote, it is time to elect on December 6,” she concluded.


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