Venezuela’s Rejects US Decree Making It a ‘Threat’

Venezuela's Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza

Before the U.S. accusations, Venezuela ratified the decision to continue the path of participatory democracy.

March 5 (teleSUR) Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza rejected Thursday the renewal of the U.S. Executive Decree labeling the South American as an “unusual and extraordinaire threat.”

The accusation is “infamous, shameful and irrational,” said the government official, adding that “it was just a way to justify all the assaults and human rights crimes that Washington has been implementing since 2015,” when former U.S. President Barack Obama ratified it for the first time.

Arreaza stated that the decree was a way for Washington to ratify their intention of inciting violence in Venezuela and apply collective punishment to the people to achieve a governmental change in favor of the White House. 

“The irony is that Venezuela presents a threat the very same day that international courts announce that they will overview the cases of torture and human rights violations by U.S. troops in Afghanistan,” he added.

In March 2019, U.S. President Donald Trump extended the decree for another year.

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