Venezuela’s Maduro Gives Message of Peace in Address To Nation

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro | Photo: EFE/File Photo

He recalled that the huge majority of Venezuelans defend and will defend the homeland, while refusing “any type of tutelage or domination from outside.”

Dec 30 (teleSUR) In a speech to the nation given on national TV on Monday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro gave a message of “peace, solidarity, and Christian spirit.”

“The media has tried to show an image of a country drowned in anarchy but we will come out victorious,” he added, insisting that “the Christian spirit and solidarity” will help overcome any obstacle.

“We have overcome all the myths surrounding Venezuela,” he praised, before thanking “the loyalty of our military forces” and condemning the “enemies of the social peace,” who have failed with their self-proclamations and their pacts with anti-patriots” and “ended up shut down in their own lies.”

He recognized that 2019 was “rough,” trying the country at many levels, but concluded optimistically that “the efforts have started giving results.”

“In 2019 – we can say it – peace triumphed, it overcame despite the blockade and imperialist aggression, despite the plundering that today undergoes the decaying imperial powers against a dignified and rebellious nation.”

He proudly affirmed that Venezuelans and Venezuelans, heirs of Liberators and Liberators of America, will never be overwhelmed.

He predicted that with Petro, the Venezuelan cryptocurrency that was Chávez’s dream and today is a reality, the economy of Venezuela will find a dynamic way for the definitive revival in 2020.

He promised that the new year will be full of favorable surprises for the working people, “thinking about strengthening the economy, protecting workers, achieving the goals as the basis of the productive, solid, growing and prosperous model “

He concluded that dialogue between Venezuelans is a guarantee of the necessary political stability. “We also passed that exam, the balance of abundant wisdom,” he summarized.


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