Venezuelans’ Repatriation Advances Despite International Blockade

Caracas, May 21 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza assured on Tuesday that the government”s repatriation program ”Return to Homeland” is moving forward despite the international blockade sponsored by the US government.

On Twitter, the head of Foreign Affairs welcomed the 180 Venezuelans (including 54 children, 35 elderly, seven pregnant and eight people with health issues) who arrived in Venezuela from Peru yesterday.

Likewise, he restated the Executive’s willingness to maintain the project in order to benefit the citizens who suffer xenophobic actions in the receiving countries.

World media outlets seek to impose the matrix of a supposed humanitarian crisis in the nation, which has led to swell a Diaspora of Venezuelans abroad, now diminished on account of policies as the Return to the Homeland Plan, Arreaza stood out.

In this sense, he added that the Plan – lowered by international media – has been able to repatriate 14, 251 Venezuelans so far in spite of hardships and obstacles imposed by regional governments and transnational corporations, as was recently the case of Repsol in Peru.

Data revealed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs report that the humanitarian air and land bridge arranged by President Nicolas Maduro allowed to voluntarily return 6, 965 people from Brazil, 2, 741 from Peru, 2,797 from Ecuador, 764 from Colombia, 276 from the Dominican Republic, 434 from Argentina, 272 from Chile and one from Panama and Uruguay.

Currently, there are over 50, 760 applications handled by embassies and consulates of Venezuela of natives who wish to be favored by the Return to Homeland Plan to come back to their country.


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