Venezuelans Continue Protests against US Blockade

Caracas, Sep 2 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela is continuing on Monday another day of protests in rejection of the coercive measures signed by US President Donald Trump against this South American nation.

Students, workers and the people in general will gather in the central Simón Bolívar Square to sign a petition against the Washington blockade.

On Sunday, Carmen Zerpa, councilwoman for Libertador municipality in Caracas, highlighted how important is to participate in the signature gathering against the executive order issued by the Trump administration.

‘Let’s understand how important is for us to call for these sanctions be lifted,’ Zerpa told the press.

She expressed gratitude for the will of the Venezuelan people who have participated in this process led by the Bolivarian Government, collecting signatures house-to-house, in major squares and in other areas of the city.

‘People were moved, because they understood that it is an outrage, it is of serious harm to the nation and that is why the people have been deployed,’ she added.


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