Venezuelan Youth Rejects U.S. Sanctions

Caracas, Jun 30 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan youth have rejected this Sunday the sanctions imposed by the U.S. government aimed at choking and starving the population, as well as denigrating the image of Venezuelan leaders.

‘ Washington’s authorities wanted to attack but they couldn’t because here there is morality and dignity, here there is revolutionary value, chavista ethics that drives us to continue fighting,’ pointed out Nicolas Maduro Guerra, Congressman of the National Constituent Assembly, on Twitter.

The member of the plenipotentiary body was sanctioned this week by the White House as part of the unilateral and coercive mechanisms of the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump, against a significant number of leaders of the South American country.

In this regard, the Venezuelan youth joined this Saturday in an anti-imperialist rally held at Paseo Los Proceres, in Caracas, to reject the United States’ actions against the also member of the national board of the Youth of the Venezuela United Socialist Party (Jpsuv).

In that sense, Maduro Guerra urged the Latin American youth to gather to create a progressive movement to fight the North American attacks on the self-determination and sovereignty of the people.

He reiterated that the Commander Hugo Chavez was the target of imperialist attacks for being a leader, for which his legacy becomes more relevant in the face of the new attacks.

Last June 28, the Venezuelan Executive repudiated the sanctions imposed by Trump, with which they seek to undermine the will of the population.


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