Venezuelan Workers Promote New Production System

Caracas, Apr 27 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan trade unionists are promoting worker training for the construction of a new production model, said the president of the country”s Unitary Federation of Oil Workers, Wills Rangel.

‘We are betting on a new state so we generated the proposals of President Nicolás Maduro to assume power,’ said the leader in statements to television program Al Aire.

‘We must equip ourselves with our own language, with our own forms of action and leave the old forms in the past, which were nothing more than an appendix of the business sector,’ he added.

Rangel insisted that the working class develops its own creativity and experience to ensure production.

The trade union confederation bets on a peasant and workers state, he said, that unity will allow us to defeat this hyperinflation, generate production and food necessary for the daily diet to free us from this savage blockade.

In this sense, he informed that among the alternatives to circumvent the U.S. siege, Venezuelan oil is paid before leaving the national port.

‘When we send exports we are paid aforehand. We export to China, India and other countries. We are complying with the necessary quotas, but we are still working,’ he said.


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