Venezuelan President Signs Decree on Sovereignty of Orinoco Delta

Caracas, Dec 29 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro signed today a decree to protect the sovereignty of the Delta of the Orinoco River after the recent incursion of ships hired by the transnational Exxon Mobil in jurisdictional waters of this country.
During the Venezuelan cabinet meeting, held in the Miraflores Palace (Government see), the president made the document official supporting the defense of the continental platform of the zone.

For his part, Venezuelan foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza, indicated in his Twitter account that the document reinforces the complete and jurisdictional sovereignty of the Orinoco river delta, amid the tensions with the Cooperative Republic of Guyana after the irruption of two ships in that área without authorization.

According to reports of the Foreign Ministry last Saturday, the Bolivarian National Navy in Venezuelan waters to the ships Ramfor, with a Bahamas flag and Delta Monarch, of Trinidad and Tobago, both in seismic exploration.

In an information exchange with the captains of the ships, both said to have a permit from the Guyana Government to opérate in that maritime space.

As a response, the Venezuelan officials alleged that country has no jurisdicxtion in the maritime projection of the Orinoco Delta, so the ships ended their actrivity and sailed to waters of the extended zone being claimed in the coast of Esequiba.

To that effect, Venezuela demanded that Guyana respect its sovereignty, at the time it called to reestablish a direct dialogue with Caracas in order to solve the case.

However, in this day, the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Venezuela insisted in his denunciation to the illegal exploration for the fourth consecutive time.

A press release emitted by thwe foreign ministry describes as erroneous and unilateral Guyana’s initiatives after three notes of protest, ‘that beyond thwe illegality, can provoque undesirable incidents’, it stresses 

Venezuela repeated its categorical objection base don the most elementary principlwes of the international law and in that sense proposes the government of Guyana to resume direct negotiations and of mutual agreement, with the presence of the Secretary General of the United Nations, adds the note.

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