Venezuelan President Demands US Lift Economic Sanctions

Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela March 22, at a press conference
Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela March 22, at a press conference | Photo: Twitter/@NicolasMaduro

The Bolivarian Republic leader also requested the elimination of “financial, oil and food sanctions.”

March 23 (teleSUR) Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, requested that the U.S. government lift its sanctions due to the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak that whas already had a major affect on the Venezuelan economy.

Maduro called on the Venezuelan people to help demand the end of the economic blockade, especially during this “worldwide crisis period”. The Bolivarian Republic leader also requested the elimination of “financial, oil and food sanctions.

“Venezuelan President also announced an economic measures plan to face the sanitary crisis caused by the virus’ spread. Among other dispositions, the rent payments for the population will be suspended for six months and working immobility to December 31.”

 Venezuelan Foreign MinisterJorge Arreaza also published on his Official twitter profile: 

“That in times of a world pandemic, Washington maintains sanctions as instruments of attack against the people to generate suffering, shows the inhuman and cruel character of imperialism. There is no doubt about it: Sanctions are a crime and it shows today, more than ever.”

Jorge Arreaza M@jaarreaza

[email protected] de @IUEuropa le solicitan a la Comisión Europea crear mecanismos para que la Unión Europea levante sanciones sobre terceros, deje de acatar las sanciones de EEUU y demuestre que EEUU viola el derecho internacional con esas medidas. #TrumpLevantaLasSancionesYa …Izquierda Unida@iunida Ante la crisis del #COVIDー19, Izquierda Unida urge a la Comisión Europea a levantar las sanciones impuestas por EEUU a numerosos países, con el añadido de que varios de esos países están volcados en el envío solidario de recursos y personal sanitario para combatir la pandemia1,2647:34 AM – Mar 23, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy2,045 people are talking about this“Parliamentarians from Europe are asking the European Commission to create mechanisms for the European Union to lift sanctions on third parties, to stop complying with U.S. sanctions and to demonstrate that the U.S. is violating international law with these measures.”

The Bolivarian Revolution representative added in other publications that Venezuela is requesting the European Commission to create mechanisms to the European Union to lift the sanctions over developing nations. Arreaza also called on the E.U. to prove the U.S. violates international laws by maintaining the sanctions. 

Other organizations, such as Spain’s Communist Party, supported Maduro’s claims and requested blockade lifting on affected nations, alleging human Rrghts non-accomplice against the U.S.


Partido Comunista de España exige levantamiento de sanciones ilegales de EE.UU. y UE contra Siria, Venezuela, Irán y Cuba

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6:51 AM – Mar 22, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacySee PCV-FALCÓN’s other Tweets“Communist Party of Spain demands the lifting of illegal US and EU sanctions against Syria, Venezuela, Iran and Cuba”

The virus has spread to several Latin American states, leaving a total of 77 people infected in Venezuela. Fortunately, so far, the Venezuelan authorities have not reported any deaths from COVID-19.

In this sense, Caracas has taken all the necessary steps to face this virus. However, the cruel sanctions by the United States, which are crimes against humanity, have caused difficulties for the population to have access to some kind of medicines.​​​​​​​

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