Venezuelan political forces agree on campaign proposals

Caracas, Nov 28 (Prensa Latina) When there are only a few days left for Venezuela’s parliamentary elections on December 6, the economy, the Anti-Blockade Law and sanctions to deputies who plundered the country’s resources are the center today of political campaigns.

Beyond ideological differences, parties involved in the race agree on the need to boost the economy based on the optimum use of national resources in an effort to cushion the negative effects of coercive measures imposed by the United States Government.

A common theme in the debates is the need to discuss and approve the Anti-Blockade Act as a legal mechanism to protect from Washington’s punitive actions, which considerably affect the nation’s economy and the main productive sectors such as the oil industry.

During the third parliamentary debate organized in view of the upcoming elections, broadcast by Globovisión, the leader of opposition party El Cambio, or The Change, Javier Bertucci, stated that Washington’s punitive measures go against the country, cause suffering and deteriorate the quality of life of the population.

Meanwhile, socialist leader Diosdado Cabello and candidate for the Grand Patriotic Pole assured that this political coalition will promote a law to punish promoters of aggression against Venezuela.

Promoting constructive dialogue between the executive and legislative branches to advance in the development of the country without the interference of external factors is another of the issues proposed by the contending forces, when there is barely one week left for the elections.

More than 20,700,000 Venezuelans are called to participate in the upcoming legislative elections, marked by the nomination of more than 14,000 candidates for 227 seats.

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