Venezuelan People Set Forth Core Issues for Constituent Assembly

By Livia Rodriguez Delis
Caracas, Aug 2 (Prensa Latina) After feting for the recently successful election results, Venezuelan people have set forth today the main issues to be discussed in the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) for the coming hours.

The justice guarantee and the cessation of violence, public safety, the reorganization of State Powers, as well as the implementation of some measures to stop the economic war, are the first ANC working and debating lines for next week, according to citizens interviewed by Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

Alenis Sanchez, Caracas resident, said that one of the aspects to be evaluated are the punitive measures that will be applied to opposition leaders closely related to the political violence.

These right-wing leaders make use of parliamentary immunity to promote terrorism in order to create chaos in Venezuela and thus goad on foreign intervention.

In this regard, Alenis called for those killers (about a hundred) to be imprisoned, whom she terms unpatriotic people.

‘They take advantage of the immunity granted by the Venezuelan people. They use it to burn people alive and destroy national property in the name of freedom. I do believe that with no justice there will be no peace,’ she said.

The Venezuelan Luz Marina Rodriguez dreams of a quiet nation, so she termed inescapable to foster public safety as a human right.

‘Lately, the crime has been unleashed. We want to go out in peace, go for a walk quietly as we used to do, with no fear of being mugged,’ she said.

Meanwhile, Francis Hernandez highlighted the active participation of senior citizens in the National Constituent Assembly. It proved the government’s concern to meet the needs of this vulnerable population group.

He also expressed his satisfaction, seeing that senior citizens have 28 representatives in the ANC.

It is also Venezuelans´ demand for solutions to the shortage of medicines and price fluctuations as part of the economic war.

The plastic artist Alfredo Marquez suggested the price freezing so that people´s wage guarantees adequate life conditions, with constituent laws that put an end to the speculation induced by businessmen.

Likewise, Jorge Vasquez, Caracas resident, requested the creation of constitutional texts for the promotion of national production as the only guarantee for economic strengthening.

Felix Rodriguez, university professor, said that ANC should review the medicine distributions, affected by some distortions such as speculation.

On the other hand, as core aspects for the nation to move forward, others mention the restructuring of the State Powers and the transformation of the system of justice to eliminate bureaucracy and impunity.


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