Venezuelan People Must Defeat US Aggressions

Caracas, Aug 22 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela’s Vice President of Economy Tareck El Aissami urged the people to continue this Thursday the popular demonstrations and the civic-military union to defeat US attacks against the country.

‘We have to stand firm against this new onslaught of the right, of imperialism,’ he stressed in a public speech, in which he also asked for more power for the people, the communes and the working class.

He replied to Trump’s threats and accusations of being involved in alleged drug trafficking by stating that ‘This is part of a script, it is a campaign against different leaders of the Bolivarian Revolution.’ 

He added that when Commander Hugo Chavez was alive, he denounced such actions, ‘it is an insistent campaign to discourage, disconnect the people with their leaders, as well as demoralize the whole country and especially the revolutionaries.’ 

The socialist leader recalled that this campaign was ‘cruel and ruthless against Chavez, and so is it now against President Nicolas Maduro, so it has been against Diosdado Cabello for many years and it has touched us all.’ 

He warned that while imperialism and the right believe we will surrender through such moves, on the contrary, ‘this fills us with much strength and revolutionary consciousness. Imperialism, and especially the supremacists who run the White House, have not understood that this is not about a single man, our cause is a historical cause, it compromises millions of men, a people, a legacy.’ 

El Aissami highlighted that Venezuela is fighting a historic battle against imperialism and its task is to ensure economic independence against the blockade.


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