Venezuelan People March on Monday to Support President Maduro

Caracas, Aug 6 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelans are marching on Monday to express support and sympathy for President Nicolas Maduro who was on Saturday the target of a failed assassination attack with drones loaded with C4 explosive.

The people have been called to gather at Morelos Square at 10:00 local time and from there they will start the march along Mexico Avenue towards the Miraflores Palace in downtown. The Head of State was delivering the closing speech in early evening for the 81st anniversary of the National Guard following a parade on Bolivar Avenue, the most important in Caracas, when one of two drones blew up close to the platform from where Maduro was speaking.

The military high command and other top leaders of the nation were with the President. It would have been a massive assassination. The attack was prevented by the special forces in charge of protecting the Head of State who blew up the aircraft as it was approaching.

Six of the perpetrators were immediately capture, vehicles were seized, as well as material and video evidence from hotels in the capital as part of the investigation still underway.

Since the news got out on Saturday night, messages of support have flowing in from leaders, organizations, social and political movements from around the world condemning the attempted murder.

On Sunday, the National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela strongly condemned the assassination attempt. Plotters and perpetrators want to impose fascist violence in the country, the legislative body denounced through its Tweeter account.

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