Venezuelan MP Denounces Aggression against Embassy in US

Caracas, May 13 (Prensa Latina) The aggressions of the past days against the diplomatic headquarters of Venezuela in the United States confirm the desperation of the right wing, denounced this Tuesday the MP to the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) Jacobo Torres.

These acts show the crazy seal of Donald Trump’s administration that no longer finds anyone to meddle with, while violating the terms of international policy, he said in an interview with Venezolana de Television.

In this way, multilateral agreements, the Geneva and Vienna agreements, end up being nothing for the White House, he said.

The United States is isolating in the midst of a structural crisis of capitalism in the world, this is a hotbed and Europe is soaking its beards because they went out to support within the US agenda the self-proclaimed president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, emphasized Torres.

The organization has a very important role, it is up to us to assume the lack of a National Assembly (in contempt). Our task is as a supranational power, to do what they don’t do, to recover justice’, he said.

The Supreme Court of Justice formally requested the breaking and entering of the parliamentary immunity of a group of members of the illegal parliament for different crimes that will be taken into account, he recalled.


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