Venezuelan indigenous movement is working for international unity

Caracas, Jan 24 (Prensa Latina) The United Indigenous Movement of Venezuela (MIUVEN) is working today to consolidate unity of all indigenous peoples, it was revealed at the World Anti-Imperialist Meeting.

As part of this event, held from January 22 in this capital and that will end on Friday, the vice president of the Indigenous Peoples of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Aloha Núñez, explained that the first actions will be carried out in Colombia.

She announced that a MIUVEN delegation will visit, in the coming months, its Colombian brothers and sisters and will then travel to Central America, in order to strengthen solidarity among indigenous peoples.

They are also planning to visit several South American nations, she said, and pointed out that there is a clear and precise agenda for the next quarter that will allow progress in the creation of the World Organization of Indigenous Peoples on August 9.

Núñez explained that several issues intrisic to indigenous peoples, their problems and aspirations have been widely discussed during this event.

This anti-imperialist meeting is attended by 10 international and 30 Venezuelan indigenous peoples.


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