Venezuelan Government Guarantees Drinking Water Distribution

Caracas, Apr 1 (Prensa Latina) The Government of Venezuela has implemented a drinking water distribution plan in communities, hospitals and vulnerable areas, after the aggressions that have caused instability in the country”s power generation.

Using cistern trucks, authorities have reinforced water supply to medical centers and prioritized sectors, after the attacks on the power network that make it difficult to pump water to the highest communities, Eco-Socialism Minister Heryck Rangel said.

As an alternative, drinking water supply centers are available in large cities, like the Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda Park, in this capital, he added.

The Venezuelan Government, led by President Nicolas Maduro, guarantees taking care of all citizens, the minister noted.

After the attacks on the National Power System, the minister for Water Attention, Evelyn Vasquez, announced the activation of special protocols to pump water.

‘The processes are being put in place as soon as possible to guarantee supply to the Venezuelan people, as it has been affected by the sabotages on the power sector,’ she noted.

The minister called on the people to remain calm and be patient. ‘We ratify to the entire country that from the Ministry, the people in the water sector is working tireless to respond to this new attack and to attend to the entire citizenship,’ she stressed.


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