Venezuelan diplomat warns of conspiracy to invade his country

Caracas, Sep 6 (Prensa Latina) The Venezuelan Ambassador to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada, has warned that the United States, Colombia and Brazil are plotting to justify an invasion against his country.

In a line of several tweets, the Venezuelan diplomat published messages to which he attached articles from different media and documents that prove the existence of a media campaign to justify a possible armed aggression against Venezuela before the December 6 elections.

‘War propaganda is active in Washington, Miami and Bogota. Its agents are rushing to saturate the media with fabrications that open the way to aggression against the Venezuelan people. The truth is the first condition to defend the peace of our Nation,’ said Moncada in one of his tweets.

He emphasized that President Donald Trump is desperate to win reelection and takes any measure to achieve his goals, which – he stressed – can be very dangerous.

‘He is the worst president of the United States in 50 years. A danger to his people and to the world. Duque and Bolsonaro are Trump in Colombia and Brazil. They have all shown that they do not care about the life of their people and today they represent the greatest threat to Venezuela,’ he reiterated.

Venezuela’s ambassador to the UN recalled that in January this year,joint military exercises were carried out in Colombian territory with the participation of those countries and in the simulated assault to ‘an airfield taken by terrorists’, Venezuela was presented as a hypothetical example.


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