Venezuelan Crypto-currency Joins U.S. Dollar Destabilization

Caracas, Apr 8 (Prensa Latina) The Petro, Venezuelan crypto-currency, joins other similar digital coins to start destabilization of the U.S. dollar, which will cease to be the all-powerful exchange unit of yesteryear, sustains today local journalist Eleazar Diaz.

The also director of the newspaper Ultimas Noticias, largest in circulation and print run of the country, indicates that together with its entrance into operation ‘the campaign of the world mainstream media and international news agencies against the petro is highlighted’.

But that is not the worst, he sustains, but the own National Assembly (of Venezuela and in contempt), approves a resolution against that currency that can be a starting point to start recovering the economy.

When no one here nor in the region thought about it, ingenious Chavez had the idea to propose the petro, which has now become target of the rage of president (Donald) Trump, he says.

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