Venezuelan Armed Forces Evaluate Plan Against Aggression Threats

Caracas, March 6 (Prensa Latina) The high command of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) evaluates actions to ensure Venezuela”s defense against external threats, said on Wednesday Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino.

‘We evaluated the special plan of permanent deployment and adaptation of means of the FANB and (the) Bolivarian Militia, ordered by President Nicolas Maduro, to confront the imperial aggressions against the Homeland,’ wrote Vladimir in Twitter.

In a previous message, Padrino recalled that last February 23, the officers and troops of the military institution preserved the territorial integrity of the nation and the defense of sovereignty, ‘over and above the tragicomic spectacle that was intended to mock national dignity.

Members of the FANB and the Bolivarian National Guard faced pockets of violence in the border region of the Venezuelan state of Táchira with Colombia, associated with a supposed humanitarian aid operation promoted by the United States, which Caracas described as an intervention attempt.

The special plan for the deployment of the armed forces responds to threats of aggression by the Government of the United States against the South American nation, and to reports of preparations for incursions into the country by irregular commandos from Colombia.

Government spokespersons pointed out that mercenary and paramilitary groups are organizing in the department of Norte de Santander with the aim of entering Venezuela to attack civilian and military targets, as well as carrying out selective assassinations of political leaders.

Faced with constant calls for sedition and the coup d’état by the opposition leadership, the Bolivarian National Armed Force has reiterated its loyalty to President Nicolás Maduro, who in mid-February commanded the most important military exercises in the nation’s history, known as the Bicentennial of Angostura.


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