Venezuela Warns about Submissive Plans of the Opposition

Caracas, May 9 (Prensa Latina) Opposition candidates running for Venezuela’s presidency, Henri Falcon and Javier Bertucci are in favor today of economic proposals aimed at surrendering sovereignty to the United States, warned Argentine political analyst and researcher Bruno Sgarzini.

In an interview granted to Venezolana de Television, Sgarzini said that both candidates propose to turn to international organizations, such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), an organization characterized for conditioning its aid packages to the implementation of neoliberal measures to the detriment of the peoples.

Nominated as presidential candidate by a center-left coalition made up of Progressive Advance, Movement toward Socialism and the Committee of Independent Electoral Political Organization (Copei), Falcon proposes to dollarize the Venezuelan economy.

For his part, the candidate for Hope for a Change is in favor of requesting humanitarian aid, precisely to the United States government, the country responsible for imposing economic sanctions on Venezuela that are even making difficult to purchase supplies such as medicines and food.

In this regard, Sgarzini said the US political forces will try to control Venezuela if it turns to the IMF, and assured that both presidential candidates are fighting over the role of Washington’s mediators.

Javier Bertucci reported on the eve that he will meet today with Henri Falcon to invite him to support his candidacy for the presidency of Venezuela in the May 20 elections.

In the search to unify the opposing forces, this Tuesday the presidential candidate Luis Alejandro Ratti announced his decision to withdraw from the electoral contest to favor Falcon’s aspirations.

The last poll conducted by the polling firm Hinterlaces, revealed that Nicolás Maduro leads the voting intentions with the support of 48 percent of the electorate, followed by Henri Falcón with 31 percent points.

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