Venezuela to Present New Economic Agenda in All States

Caracas, Sep 3 (Prensa Latina) The governors of all Venezuelan states will study the potentialities for the development of the so-called Bolivarian Economic Agenda in each of their demarcations, reported the nation”s municipality minister, Aristobulo Isturiz.

After a day of analysis, the state authorities reviewed the application of the mechanism that promotes the construction of a new scheme, to analyze the potentials, strengths, projects and productive initiatives in each of the territories, the owner told the press.

At the closing ceremony of the event Isturiz acknowledged that the working groups studied how to perfect the Agenda according to the particularities of each state.

The conclusions of the day will now be presented to President Nicolas Maduro, the main promoter of the new reforms of the Executive, said the Minister, who stressed the need to join efforts to relaunch the momentum of the economy.

The program of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda seeks to end oil rent in the South American nation thanks to the development of engines such as tourism, telecommunications and information technology and basic industry.

Maduro and the people can trust that today’s effort will be translated into an impulse for national production, stressed Isturiz.