Venezuela to open International University of Communication

Caracas, Dec 5 (Prensa Latina) The opening of the new International University of Communication, an initiative of the recently concluded I International Communication Congress held here, will open up new options for the people of Latin America and the world, according to Mexican philosopher Fernando Buen Abad.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the academic explained that to begin with, this higher education center will focus on subjects and themes that fundamentally offer tools for social struggles in the communicational field.

‘Then,’ he stressed, ‘we will focus on organizational tasks and unity, all under the concept of strengthening dialogue and peace.’ Buen Abad noted that the new university is not a project conceived only for Latin America, but an option for the peoples of the world, which will include all continents and social movements. ‘Its purpose is to promote a pedagogical revolution within communication, with new concepts and weapons of struggle to combat the enemy.’

He pointed out that the current scenario is one of media warfare and that it is necessary to prepare oneself to face this.

During the announcement of the creation of this new university, approved by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the academic said, ‘This is the response to a worldwide clamor, the people are fed up with the media monopolies that humiliate us, lie to us, make us feel like cogs of the consumer machinery; that’s how they want to see and treat us.’

The Mexican philosopher explained that within the epistemological system of this project is the idea of creating professorships, workshops, seminars, diploma courses, which can be in a short or long course format, undertaken simultaneously, with presencial classes, or through distance education, in Buenos Aires, La Paz, Caracas and Mexico.

For his part, the Venezuelan president offered all the support of his government for the creation of the university.

‘I will provide the headquarters, the logistics and whatever is necessary, so that this university can start very soon in the first quarter (of 2020) and integrate schools, academies, universities. A university for liberation, conscience, the defense of truth and the global struggle!’ said Maduro during the closing ceremony of the International Communication Congress.


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