Venezuela to Activate on December 6 Election Protection Plan

Caracas, Nov 4 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino affirmed that on December 6, the Republic Election Protection Plan for the election of the 335 mayors of the country will be activated.

During the ceremony of recognition to the priestly service of the Military Chaplains of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), the official stressed that with the deployment of the military troops the constitutional right of Venezuelans who attend to vote on December 10 to the municipal elections will be defended.

‘On December 6, 2017, Operation Republic will be deployed, to guarantee the Venezuelan people the full exercise of their political rights,’ Padrino said.

He also expressed his satisfaction for the new electoral contest, because, he said, it demonstrates again the democratic character of the Venezuelan people.

According to the Venezuelan News Agency, the Republic Plan is deployed every time elections are held in the country to guarantee security in the polling stations and the voters.

It is also directed to protect accredited personnel and to protect electoral supplies, equipment, and machinery.

On December 10, 335 mayors and the governor of the state of Zulia will be elected, after the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) called for new regional elections in that territory.

The repetition of the Zulia elections is due to the fact that the local Parliament declared null this position after the refusal of its governor-elect on October 15, Juan Pablo Guanipa to be sworn in before the ANC.

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