Venezuela Summons National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba

Caracas, Oct 26 (Prensa Latina) The National Movement of Mutual Friendship and Solidarity Venezuela-Cuba summoned the 9th National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba scheduled for November 30-December 1st in this capital.

The encounter is an opportunity to strengthen permanent activism for Latin American and Caribbean unity, for a multipolar world that strives for peace and prosperity, overcoming capitalism, according to the summons.

The venue, organized also by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples, will approach the institutional transformations between both nations with the adoption of new constitutions and the economic, financial and commercial as a form of imperialist aggression against Cuban and Venezuelan societies.

It will also approach the self-determination and sovereignty in globalization and the society of information, solidarity as basis of new relations of cooperation and complementarity to overcome capitalist individualism and cultural and communicational integration to consolidate Latin American and Caribbean union.

The political, economic and social transformations which occur in Cuba and Venezuela demand maximum intellectual effort, political commitment and analysis capacity on our side to defeat the international rightwing attempt to smother the progressive experiences, says the document.

‘In this context, we pretend to reinvent the solidarity organization to strengthen national and international integration in a globalized world, profiting from the tools of information society to revert the intention of imperialism to use them as elements of domination’, it also emphasizes.

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