Venezuela showcases achievements in control of drug trafficking

Caracas, Jan 10 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela is showcasing on Sunday achievements in the control of drug trafficking after reaching the highest drug seizure figures as a result of strict measures set in bordering areas and across the country.

During 2020, the coordination of security corps helped seize a total of 46,732 kilos of different types of drugs, the highest figure of the past five years, according to the head of the National Anti-Drug Office, Alberto Matheus Melendez.

In a TV appearance on Saturday evening, the high-ranking official highlighted that the policies enforced by the Venezuelan State were right, unlike the handling of this phenomenon by the US and Colombia, considered the top consummer and producer, respectively.

He stressed that 53 major anti-drug operations were carried out last year, which exceeds those done in the past 12 years; 21 unauthorized runways and 79 laboratories used for the crystalization of cocaine hydrochlroride were destroyed.

Historically, this country has been used by cartels as a route to send drugs to other countries, a fact which started to change after the accession to power of Commander Hugo Chavez, a policy kept to date and acknowledged by international organizations.


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